Territory "Events"

So another one of your amazing events gas ended. Shall we tally up the results?

The top faction ended with 3, the second faction with 1 and 1 to the 3rd place faction. Sound familiar anyone else? That’s because no one else can compete. The lower factions got some collectibles, a whopping 35, if they could hold one for long enough.

Let’s not forget the bugs. We had crashes, unable to add teams, getting kicked out a territory with 60k placed and oh yes more crashes.

Scopely this is the serious part. Territories may have been an interesting idea but you clearly can’t fix it so let it be a little side thing for small bonuses and trophies. This weekend having only this has been boring to say the least and if you aren’t one of the strongest factions you get literally nothing. No one enjoys this and the rewards are awful. At least in a normal tournament everyone gets something even if those rewards are awful too(remember when you used to give out relevant toons?)

Please stop torturing us


The only fix to this is to open all 6* territories at once so everyone would have a chance


Damn right. At least then one faction couldn’t hold the majority of them.


territory events are actually one of my favorites. Rewards are usually 250-500cakes plus some shards. Very nice rewards that help the recipients get s class toons.
But just like all other events, this is a competition. You dont automatically get 250 cakes for everyone. U gotta work towards it. Spend/grind/ ■■■■■■■, join a good active faction, etc etc.
Ur not good enough now to win some? Instead of complaining and asking to scrap the event u lost, maybe use this as incentive and get in a better position to win next time.

For our region, the #1 faction held 4 territories pretty much the entire time, #2 got nothing as #1 hates them and took their territory at the start and they are mid transfer, and we held 1 territory. Everyone else got absolutely nothing

What a great event


I got all the possible rewards and my opinion is that this a terrible event and more than anything boring


The big spenders win, and get bigger.

I’m not saying it’s fair, but maybe the region needs to work better… In our region, top4 factions held on to 1 territory, and we let the other lower factions get the last one. Plus, each time one of the top factions tried taking a 2nd one, a couple of us would clear it and let it to lower factions to take. It also made the event more fun and inciting as we would be more active than normal “refresh/replace” deal during territories. :wink:

Top kept 2, 2-4 all held 1 so shared around nicely here

There should be a lock so you can only get one as a fac. Because let’s be honest. Not everyone will share. And it shouldn’t have to be players working together. Many players say “you shouldn’t expect us to hand things to you. Get good”. Not very pleasant but they have a point. It is supposed to be a pvp game.

The problem is that the design of this “event” is terrible. They should stop mucking about with one or two special territories and get more creative. Better rewards on all territories won and held during events. Not just the special ones. Bonuses for holding. Rewards for scoring in the terries leader board. Make terries worth something for once. Not just the benefit of two factions.


Someone above just commented the “■■■■■■■” response but it isn’t that simple. I don’t expect to have anything handed to me but in a normal tournament you get something even if it’s small.

Events aren’t supposed to be a winner take all because otherwise the gap between factions becomes ridiculous and there is literally no incentive for anyone to play.

A faction may be number one but without number two, three etc they have no one to play against.


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