Territory event info please?

Not really

VK hasn’t posted anything yet, so I guess it will be a surprise to everyone when the unlock happens.

Bet it’s Stale Chocolate cake,

Bet cones and hengyen and laopo cakes again

A blog post are being prepared that will go through this event in details. Just need some final details from LA office before release. Expect it first thing Monday morning,



This is the best thing I read today!

gets ready for the 1 territory event
wishes there was RAIDS FOR CRATES

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All open and choice boxes everywhere.
My wish

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Bet it’s for the bloody shirts because we have been asking for more gear lol

Still nothing on VK… 10 minutes until unlock.

Oh boy.

Influx of nasty threads incoming

Did we ever get info on territory events from Scopely or VK before hand? I don’t remember it being a regular thing

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