Territory Event Feedback

Factions should only be allowed to get 3 max territories during the event. There are cash cows in certain regions that make it impossible to get anything. It ruins the game for those with limited pockets.


Unfortunately this is not new and is just human nature. The rich get richer I’m afraid. (and no I’m not one of em)


Sounds like the event is working as planned


Territories are the sphincter of Road to survival.

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Check out the weekly posts from @Parker, he’s a decent dude who tries to represent the players’ view in semi-official regular meetings with Scopely.

There was some discussion on the territories, my idea did not take fully (if you wish you can still read that), but there are certain points the player base really seems to be agreeing on like make all 10 available and introduce some sort of hard limit on holding them or a penalty system that would make it harder to keep holding on to them…

I suggest you comment on that post with your take on what should make the event interesting for all players (try to focus on what the whales and the devs can get from it too, noone will ever do something for F2P only just because they asked for it), if a constructive idea resonates well enough, we might nurture some hope of improvement eventually…


Well put @YSpammer , you all should definitely checkout the weekly Player Council Recap posts. The current ones and the past, there are some good reads amongst the posts.

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