Territory Event Feedback [11/11]

Hello Everyone,

So that I have in a nutshell most of the feedbacks/concerns and reports about the past Territory event.

I will try to centralize all topics related to this event here and keep the thread closed to allow conversation on each threads below to continue to happen.



personally, I feel like the event has far less to do with holding the territories and everything to do with who can hold them at the end. In a 30 hour event = 15 rotations of gaining s class items for holding. Even if a faction holds the territory the whole time they will earn 525 s class items (5.25% of a toon). For some, they don’t even need that specific item as they have the toon already. In my opinion a choice box would be more ideal and useful to the player base. Next, with the end bonus being 250 red velvet cakes and top factions in regions being able to take 3 - 5, the rest of the player base in the region is shut out from decent rewards. With one of the latest museum collections being priya, both 6* and s class, 250 cakes and s class priya level 90 (T4) = 1100 s class items, or 500 cakes and priya 6* = 1100 (or any other museum option. The only real value I see at the moment are the cakes which are limited to the very top faction in a dominating region. Some factions are perfectly capable of holding all 5 at the end which benefits them, but then leaves the rest of the region with a bitter taste in their mouth. It alienates the region and in my opinion doesn’t create a competitive environment but an angry one. Not the type of anger that encourages competition but the type that causes rage quitting or retirement in general.

There are a few things that I would like to see changed moving forward:

  • open up more 6* territories and if you are worried about the number of cakes, half the amount at the end. Top factions will be unable to hold all (10 - thank you gov) and more people will benefit and enjoy the event

  • make the s class items a choice box rather than a specific item. People don’t need to collect more of an s class item if they have the s class toon (or maybe they do) but without a way of exchanging one type of s class item for another it becomes redundant to keep collecting say bullets if someone has 2 s class Raulito’s

  • I would also like to see the collection time reduced again to 1 hr instead of 2 hrs. In some cases factions hold on for an hour and change, but the territory during off peak times for some factions gets taken over and the efforts from holding are lost.

Would love to hear other people’s feedback and ideas as well. Just my overall opinion on the matter.



More on this front, the feedback has been provided to the team earlier on this week and to say that they are actively working on improving the player experience of this event. So expect more to hear on this front :slight_smile: