Territory drop?

Dropped the second we got it, we had 10 teams in, and people dropped cans. How?

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The same thing just happened to us. I thought it was my imagination lol

Same thing happened to us. what the fudge scopely

same here, nothing ever works the way it should

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For ours, it seemed like it got down to 6000 walkers or so and then just gave the territory to us without needing to kill more walkers…

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This happened to me too, I’m not complaining lol. Would’ve been here all night

We have to start all over. This sucks!

Same. We had 20 teams in, had it down to 6000, then kicked everyone out and went back to 10,000.

Same here keeps switching faction every two to three minutes

now keep getting network error, reported in game as well.

Same here!

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Happen to us and kicked teams, happen again just now and won it?

You have 30min to clear the walkers or it resets

No… whoever clears the most walkers and has a team assigned gets it after 30 mins if all the walkers are not killed.

Thats fine and dandy whats not fine is how our teams were kicked after our faction took the terry, without being attacked, had over 30k in defense no attack and then we were all kicked.

Same here but scopely dont give a shit as long as people are spending on them s class toons, territory cans, michonne balloons, they have no reason to fix anything when people spend money on broken service/product

It hadn’t been going for 30 minutes yet, I don’t believe. Mesh 100000 errors hit, and the territories reset if not already claimed.

But if we stop spending Scopely will shut the game down and we don’t want that lol

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