Territory Deployment


Only four star teams or over should be allowed to be deployed in territories. Now they are filled with all 1 star, 2 star teams, what the hell?


It’s just that much easier to take the territory then, don’t you think? I love seeing those teams when I start a fight!


Well being that beta when testing said territories was fun and the few region’s the let try anyway said the same, so much so, it was scraped for awhile, they then released to everyone anyways. It’s what they do


When someone is losing teams 1-3 stars are all we have left why not. Besides scopely likes when you buy cans lol


It’s a strategy that you’re obviously not using. Why let their teams get destroyed and be on cooldown for hours when you can just use 1* and let the opponents waste energy. 300 damage for a 1 * is the same for a 5*, they are being smart and letting you waste energy while they can keep swapping nonstop and coining is cheaper.