Territory Crashes, a pattern

Is it just me, or when your game crashes out of Territories (loosing an energy in the process) that AN OFFER POPS UP???

Scopely, sort this out PLEASE. It actually Makes me feel like CLOSING my wallet.


I am getting no pattern. Its just randomly infuriating. I recon over the last few months I have lost 5 cans worth of attacks because the damn thing restarting.


When I put a defense team & when the enemy takes out my defense team.
These are the scenarios to which my game reboots/restarts. It’s been like this for a long time. (over a year)
Territories bugged the hell outta this game and scoply doesn’t even care about them.
It’s all about pumpin’ in NEW features/stuff and leave the old to rot.


Im personally not a fan of the pop ups trying to get me to spend 100$ multiple times a day. Comes off as abrasive just like the phone calls where people try to sell you fake insurance.

I’ve posted previously that there’s a high correlation between event notifications - ads, loss of territory/exhausted team, change of day etc

I get crashes, mostly, when placing defensive teams in territories we have just won. For example: we take strip mall and I place a defensive team. Game reboots, but luckily, my team is there.

As far as notifications, I have them turned off. Don’t need my phone blowing up to tell me stuff I don’t really need to know. I am far more concerned with the bug that kicks everyone out and turns territories back to walkers, although that has not happened in a bit.

Still happens to me.

Been happening to me for months. Based on my experience i’d say that everything that triggers an in game popup while i m in territory (raid, other territory stuff, offers etc), causes the game to crash. About 10-20% of my territory energy gets wasted this way and i lost count of the times a territory got lost because of it.
Support keeps telling they ll take it to the team as always… Questions about compensation are ignored.

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when the fuck is game crashing from this going be fixed been a fucking a year do we need pay better dev too fix it?

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I 've noticed in my gameplay that when i set up a team for def in a territory(right after the attack), and if i spend too much time to do so, then the game crashes.
But if i have the team ready and i just apply after the attack, then its ok.
Lately my game crashes after a raid. When battle is over…win or loose game restarts and the result of the battle is that i lost(time up).