Territory Crafting Bonus

Sooooo I just found this out today.

I started two crafts with both territories crit bonus (+30% crit success in total) yesterday. There is still about 12 hours left to go but I just checked in on my armory just for the hell of it. First thing I saw was I had a +15% CRAFTING success.

Now 2 things:

  1. I’m pretty god damn sure I started my crafts with BOTH crit bonuses.
  2. I’m also pretty god damn sure I did NOT start my crafts with ANY crafting bonus

I don’t want to second guess myself but sometimes the things $copely does is just downright scheming without any notice upfront to the players so I would very much appreciate if someone could verify this :wink:

From what I know, all we had to do is secure the territory before crafting and whether it gets taken over or not, the bonuses are still in effect.

EDIT: Just to be clear, my faction is currently holding one of the crafting bonus territory and it only just happened. Will update again when this territory is taken over to see what it says in the armory.

Long as you saw that you started with 30% at the time I crafted you will be fine. It will show the crit icon next to the armory outside but if u don’t have the crit territories anymore and go inside to look at your armory the whole 30% will disappear within the armory. But you still have the bonus dont worry.

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Same goes if you have one crit territory if u click in you will see that 15% while your weapons are still crafting but it doesn’t mean u are only getting the 15% the armory is acting as if u are ready to craft again even thou its crafting already.

Well then visually, that’s unsettling. Who knows if the odds are really as what the screen says or what $copely claims to be.

when you go into the armory it shows current buffs only, not buffs you had when you started the craft.

From the town map, check the icons next to the craft timer. Should have a headshot icon with two rank bars above it to represent crit is active on the craft.

Like this:


Left icon is craft success, right icon is crit chance. It also tells you, when you claim the weapon, what buffs were running for the craft. If the craft is underway still the icons will be a little smaller.

Be careful as last week I won both crit territories and went to armoury started a craft but just before I started it I noticed that it was only saying 15% crit,so I came out went on territories and still both showing I had won went back on armoury again selected weapon etc and this time it showed 30%,I thought it maybe a timing glitch as I was quick to get on armoury but this shouldn’t matter so I always check now

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Yes happens a lot. Gotta watch out for the client-server time effect. Always check before crafting that it says +30 and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

dont sweat it, it will show the 30% on the finished crafting screen

it’s still up for debate if these things even affect the damn Weapons :slight_smile: ahaha

oh the Ghost Cars running me over constantly.

That’s exactly what just happened to me! It’s absurd that this lag is costing players.

Oh and I failed my craft earlier. Guess I just have bad luck huh.

Talking about the armory, since the update in beta, I no longer icons of different bonus territories in my launches.

On the image, I will have to have the critical success icon (Notably 2 x 15%), I have that instead.

A new visual function? Or other ? Because I see two lines without text with only this “0” and a white frame.