Territory cheating

Transfers have opened up a whole world of cheating I’d never seen before. It is now common to be the first to attack a territory, win the attack, attempt to place a team and get an error message that the territory is no longer available. And gosh wow one of the few factions that recently showed up now has the territory. Unless there is some legit way to take a territory uncontested when you shouldn’t have even been allowed to attack it yet that our naive newer region has never seen they’re all cheating. It needs to stop. That kinda bs is a much bigger priority than the stupid chat filters trying to make us talk like 6 year olds at Sunday school.

Pretty sure this is just an age-old bug, not cheating and mixed with new factioncism.

Your description of the chat filter is indeed why that is a priority


Hate to tell you this is a well known bug for ages. Happens all the time. Attack place a team and skips contest and the other fac got it. Not to say there aren’t cheaters but this is how rumors start and why scopley spends wasted time checking into players reported for cheating because a bug they refuse to fix.

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The simplest way to fix it is to make 1 hit territories and no stacking.

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With all the crashes it causes you need 2 hits alot of the time and 2 people Goin in same time etc

This is not the way to fix it that’s why this stupid bug happens so much. 2 teams in each would likely solve the problem but everyone is too worried about league points and trying to keep other from getting theirs. They messed tts up with leagues. I do like not having to spend 30 min trying to take a terr and being able to get most any one of them throughout the day but they are too glitchy for this and won’t ever be fixed.

It may indeed be a bug but it wasn’t one anyone in my faction had seen until we got older teams transferring into our region. Now it happens all day every day. And every time the “bug” happens it’s one of the transferred factions who takes it. There are definitely other bugs and exploitable loopholes I’ve seen in territories for awhile. This one may be common place in other regions and just new to ours.

It happens more when theres more activity. If you had more active factions come in there is likely alot more trying to hit. Happens at least 2x a day with me if not more. If 2 people attack at same time and place a team its letting those 2 hit again when theres actually nothing to hit. It then skips contest and goes to whoever finished 1st I imagine. Terrs were not really made to have 1 team In. There should be a 2 team min to hold it so that theres not such a bad lag.

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