Territory Bug - Successfully captured, 2 mins later overrun by walkers [logged]

Another random bug. We successfully captured Strip Mall, then a minute or two later it said walkers have overrun this territory. We won it back, but wasted a bunch of energy for no reason. I’ve added a screen shot. If I remember, we had at least 8 teams in when originally winning control.


I wish I could answer that one. That sucks. My first thought would have been no defenses, but you covered that. Just playing devil’s advocate here, but do you have your faction pull excess defenses out after capture? I’ve had mine do that, just because the weapon areas are considered a “temp” territory to us, and we can apply the defenses other places and defend longer. If your faction does that, maybe everyone pulled and no one left one in?

Other than that scenario, bug is the only other thing I can think of.

@CombatDevIl @CombatMan can u help?

I had the same thing happen once, obviously different to your circumstances, but I captured a territory but I didn’t out any defenses in until the last hit (can’t remember er if it was walkers or a team) but on the last hit when it asked me to apply my defense I had to remove my team from another territory (all whole on the screen of applying defenses) then apply it. I did that, it said it was captured, but then it went to walkers all the while my team was sitting in defence.

I sent that scenario to support but haven’t had any response except “we’ll pass it on”.

Oh wow, that’s a new one to me. Complain to support and you’ll get a free can.

And someone at Scopely thought these bugged out Territories would be good basis for a tournament…

Had that happen in the past, but I believe it was one of the things addressed in the last update. I could be wrong.

Yeah it was a little while back now, so I’m sure you’re right. I just haven’t been game to test it out…

Better safe than sorry, right?

Yes true

We had this issue this morning, we thought the faction we took the territory from removed their teams.

This is happening in Sumter too. At least one team goes in after clearing walkers, and still gets dumped a few minutes after capturing.

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This has happened many times to my faction. We would have anywhere from 10-25 teams in place after a long battle to take over, we would then win the territory with no contest, and then it would immediately kick everyone’s teams and be overrun by walkers. So after lots of time and energy (and coins) spent to win it, we have to refill again to take it from walkers before the other faction takes it back again. But then, all those teams we had in reserve are gone, and the people who placed them are done for the day, which makes us an easy target so we end up losing it as soon as it’s shield goes down, unless we spend tons of coin to hold out for reinforcements. This needs to be fixed immediately.

I message support every time it happens (been going on for months). Occasionally they credit me a refill, but not always, and as far as i know they have never credited my faction mates when they sent the message… but they’re always glad i sent a bug report and assure me that it is being worked on…Can’t say i believe them though…

And it just happened again! Fix this please!!!

Our region factions had this problem too, especially when we were going for weapon crit bonus territories (surefire supplies and strip mall). If there’s only a faction fighting for a territory(no contest), this bug will most probably appear. Sooo…more energy wasted. Huff huff :mask:

Happened to our faction this evening as well…

So many new bugssssss!


I’ve forwarded this to the other testers that focus more on wars and territories. It’s probably a low repro scenario, so it might be hard for us to get a solid repro so the devs can resolve the issue.

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It has actually become rather frequent in the last few days. But it has also been going on for a long time. I have sent many messages to support, reporting it every time it happens when I’m involved (if it doesn’t affect me, i tell my faction mates that were affected to send the messages), and according to them, you guys have been working very hard to resolve the issue, for quite a long time now…

I wasn’t involved, but I know of 3 times this has happened to my faction in the last 36 hours.

alliance kentuckykentucky 2

It is still happening. This time another faction won Kentucky Farm from our faction, and a minute or two later it said walkers had overrun it. We successfully captured it back from walkers, but it really wasn’t fair to the other faction who should have won it fair and square. It’s costing all of us energy.

rest stoprest stop 2

Another example. This happened a few hours ago. We won Rest Stop from another faction. The screen got stuck showing the other factions health at 0/3000. We had 2 teams in. I forced closed the app because I thought it was stuck on my end. I reopened the app and it said walkers have overrun the territory. I included the last photo because it’s completely frustrating to deal with these bugs on a regular basis, lose all energy with no reward, then try and recapture the territory you won, only to be treated to an odd number of walkers left. Why not make it fair, and the number of walkers equal to a certain number of attempts at a territory. It’s crap to use ANOTHER energy to clear 2 walkers. @CombatDevIl