Territory Bug, still not fixed

This is getting ridiculous.
Everytime I go to attack weapon crit territories. I keep getting kicked off the app. Wasted like 6 territory energy trying to get them. I’m convinced either people are cheating (normally happens when a Territory is contested) or this is a server issues. I’m from Europe uk. I know your servers are American based. It shouldn’t go down to who has the better connection if it’s the case. This has been happening for the best part of a year and there’s still no FIX. Sort this out, it’s a joke. Other mobile games patch/fix their games monthly, meanwhile bugs and glitches plague this game. Sort it out now.


I have fiber, 1gbs net and live in California, they have a place in Culver and LA and i still crash in territories, doesnt matter what service you have, device you have, where you live, etc. That is all bs if they try telling you any of that and i would be suspicious of anyone who says they have never crashed. It is just a bug they dont want to invest time into fixing but if it was costing them money, would be fixed in minutes

Don’t get me started on territories. Esp. Crits.
Its been a rough morning.

I sent a message to support today and… As always many useless questions

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