Territory bug still a problem


While you’re trying and failing at fixing these bugs could you please fix ones that actually effect your player base like getting DC’d while attacking a territory losing energy?


This bug cost me 3 full cans of energy and 2 duct tapes and 2 polishing kits over the past week. Asked support to replace my stuff since it’s a known bug they told me “we can’t do that but please keep surviving”.


I’m just pissed war is gone but they add a territory event to help with lack of war drops but territories have been bugged for at least 6 months, seems war was working as intended(laggy as hell but working). I just want them to fix whats broken before breaking what doesn’t need to be fixed.


Agreed, territories crashes are still a big issue


We just suffered because of this for the third fkn time this week, had over 60 rams stacked, Nikon the enemy and then it goes to walkers, all teams booted AGAIN! We all complained the last time and got told to stfu and keep surviving, and again this morning we all used cans / coins as it’s the last special territory. What the hell man. Ant even give us all a can or 2 for having to spend again to fix your mistake???


Yes just happens to me a few mins ago just resets after you attack


Definitely a pattern with teams getting kicked. If you do stuff before the teams get kicked you get “out of sync” and the game reboots. Just let the teams get kicked and don’t click anything.

Also if people are crashing when applying teams, what u have to do is wait a second after creating the team and going back to the apply screen.

If you make a team and try to apply it too fast you will be out of sync and crash. Watch the meter that tells how much defence your fac has in. Wait 1-2 sec for it to update then apply


Honestly i attack normally autoattack cause people on my region rarely stack real teams, then add my territory teams. I do it the same every time. Sometimes i get booted before i add, lose the attack energy and the ability to add d, sometimes i get booted after, not losing anything really, just having it be a pain in the ass, sometimes it’ll happen right as i win the fight, losing energy, its all sorts of bad honestly. Something that should have been looked into months ago and changed before they made the last patch let alone this one.


Not every time a pop up happens, but most of the time a reset occurs you can link it to a pop up/alert


Mine crashes entering combat, during combat, at the victory screen, at the team assignment screen before I can press anything, after assigning…