Territory bug happen to anyone else?


So more often than not, I will hold a territory for the hour time, but when the time is up and can be attacked I will not get the chest. It also doesn’t show up after someone else takes the territory. I am wondering if this happens to others often as well.
Is this a known bug and is it something like leaderboard? Could scopely maybe fix it?


Definitely happens to us as well. I’m thinking they might have changed the rules to be longer than 1 hr as it’s usually the ones got taken over straight away don’t give you any trophies


Yeah I would agree it seems to be happening on ones that get taken right away, most times.


I’m sure the box is only given on 1hr 5m or something similar. Definitely not given upon the ceasefire ending


I have had it happen also on territories that I’ve held longer, like 2 hours or more.


Any word devs?

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