Territory Bug - getting ridiculous

I am so frustrated (in particular) right now at the constant territory bugs. The game resetting in the middle of an attack when you lose energy. The constant resetting of the game. and most of all, attacking a territory, having it loaded with teams - the game showing you that you own the territory. Then all of a sudden teams applied goes from 120K to 0/0. It removes all your teams out and goes to walkers. WTF.

This has happened over and over again over the past 2 weeks. We had people use extra cans they had to get both XP territory prior to level up tourn and we had to spend even more energy to reacquire. SUPPORT was not help at all. I asked for my 2 cans back (they can see i started with 2 and ended with 0) and they say that they do not offer any compensation while trying to fix the bug (known issue).

Basically, Scopely, you are stealing my cans. I got the cans from a $7.99 offer. You glitched the territory to where the cans I used were lost for nothing. You then acknowledge the bug, but say “tough luck, please buy more cans”. This is ridiculous and unacceptable.


Keep surviving. Working as intended(for the last few months)! They mean to steal your cans/energy, so you can buy more cans and pay for their pancakes!


I sent support twice about walkers taking over when we have a stacked team. After winning with no contest it says 0/0 despite us having at least 10 teams in to only get it kicked and go to walkers immediately. Their patch note 6.1 Build Notes stated that the issue has been fixed but it has not and has gotten worse. I sent SS and even their patch notes and they tell me they can’t compensate at this time. They’ve compensated before for the same exact issue and why can’t they do that this time? This is getting ridiculous, how does a game claim to fix something then have it get worse to not compensate for their mess up?


They claim all sorts of things. They never EVER bold face lie, unless its a letter to the community. Either way, we get to keep surviving! Yay!

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They’ve refunded me before MANY times because of this glitch and even given me 200 coins for my trouble so what’s the problem now? URGH…

Wow. Great luck! Every time i contact CS i get a canned response akin to ‘go fuck yourself, keep surviving’ sometimes with a smiley face:) So the game is working as intended. Honestly i just deal with the territory bugs and dont buy cans anymore. Problem solved. Easier on my wallet not to know i’m wasting cash, i like the minimal chances at pull odds instead of the guaranteed chance of me lighting cash on fire by supporting the known buggy parts of the game.


No one should buy cans for these lame territories, especially when they can’t even refund it when it’s their fault it’s broke for months now. I just want my energy back. Also, keep surviving, I hope you don’t get overrun by zombies as well.

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i’ve asked others in other regions who are experiencing the same bugs. if not fix it, at least compensate us for what we lose FFS. generally, we dont do much in territory, but having double bonus level points for faction level really helps. it’s just sad that Scopely throws a little wrench to steal from you. Reminds me of office space - just steal a penny from every account…

haha, scopely, the ultimate superman bug.

When was the last time this occurred?

This occurred on me yesterday. When it gives the victory splash image, sometimes the walker loading circle shows up briefly, disappears, then shows up again but longer. Then after that it resets the game back to the rick and negan loading screen.

That’s a separate issue which is planned to be fixed in a later update. I’m wondering about the issue where the territory immediately goes to walkers.

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Combatman is aware of this issue, gets brought up a lot. Its just unfortunate it takes so long for issues to get fixed/patched in this game. Its utter madness.

Like ive openly stated in a few other threads, a couple other games I play casually…anytime there are glitches/bugs they jump on it quick and they always and I mean always offer really nice compensation to everyone. Scopely doesn’t believe in any of that.

Im sorry that IUGO has to work with them.

i contacted cs about this today and got that they know about the problem and thats about it ive never gotten a can refunded or actually helped once from cs its pretty messed up how badly we get treated

Territories have been bugged for ages. It seems scopley feels because they give us those 10 attacks that it’s not important to compensate. Problem is when you wind up losing those territories or your teams aren’t placed because your game reboots and you are forced to either give away your effort to another faction who now cab swoop in aND take it or use a can aka buy one. I was comesnared 1x for this issue after I messaged support over and over. I had also bought a can pack for the 7.99 that gives 2 of every can sr,raid,world, territories, and war. Instead of sending out a message in game with 2 free cans apoligizing for all the bugs and explaining it’s being fixed they would rather fight with people or hope most won’t bother to message support. This is a prime example of a small act that would show players first that they choose to ignore. Scopley saying that they know there is a bug and refusing compensation isn’t a reason it’s an exscuse. Looking at some positive changes around the game would restore faith more if they would take responsibility for their wrong doings.

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Two hours ago. Everytime I take a territory, the games restarts. Fortunately, it usually leaves me in control of the territory. However, I’ve had it reset many times mid fight, then say I retreated from the fight.

That’s the one I have been getting and it’s after I won the battle. Or we get the territory and all of a sudden another faction has the territory and they weren’t even showing up as attacking… so you have no clue that they are even there with yoh.

I get the same all the time.

Lol That’s some funny stuff.

As for the OP, how else can it be explained before we just assume that it’s done on purpose?? I love how you don’t ever see the Scopely apologists on these threads …
Territories have multiple bugs. They all benefit the company, therefore, they aren’t a priority to fix.

My faction had the exact same issue happen twice in the same day this week. We fought our tails off to gain control of the level up territory, adding dozens of defenses as we did so. Once we killed off the last inhabitant, the territory shows (0/0 HP,), Just like everyone else has previously reported, and then it goes to walkers!

So just like that, you lose the territory you fought like hell to win. You now have to spend even more coins and refills to clear walkers (while hoping that another faction doesn’t swoop in after all your hard work). Even if you manage to get it once again, you then have to ask your factionmates to spend more coins and refills to restack it!

The process is extremely costly to us!! You see so many complaints to CS and on these forums, yet you do absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. At the very least, offer compensation to those that write to Customer Support!
And finally, how many times do we need to bring this up before you address it??

sigh I know. I’m talking to myself right now. I’ll just keep surviving. Thanks for nothing lol