Territory bug crashing app


All enemy teams were exhausted. Last team up wouldn’t go away to let it be contested. Instead just used up my energy, made my toons lose stamina and crashed the app. Happened multiple times to multiple factions. They were able to add more teams after that to keep it from becoming contested.

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Got them back down, but that exhausted team won’t go away. They’re just getting to hold the territory for free now.

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Interesting territory bug. I haven’t heard of this one specifically before.




I’ve PMed @Alydar for more info

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At this point, one person who reported bug in my faction has had their territory energy refilled, but her team is still exhausted. The same faction still holds Alexandria, and have been able to replace half of their teams. The same 3* team is still in there and fails everyone who attacks it. All other teams they have in there are beatable.

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Bug’s been logged. It will get looked into. Not sure how that state is possible though.

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