Territory Boost

I think its time for scopely to change some of the territory Boost. i.e 10% adrenaline rush success. Its sort of useless when 6* toons only get AR upgrades with aden, lilths or other 6*. Update plz

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That’s a really good point you make.

The whole inner game economics needs a facelift… But I’m worried how slanted it would look if they had they chance.

Quite honestly, I don’t think they like any buffs, so I’d guess they are trying to gum it up as much as possible. (Flags? Can’t use those when all claimed ters are on cooldown)

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Just about everything in game needs to be updated to fit the meta… Scav mission… Wtf am i gonna send a team out to collect 50k wood for more than half a day or a week to get a damn beanie. The town, why has it been 3 years and still a quarter of it is fog? Training 2* is still the way to go, 3*, 4* and even 5* in training grounds needs an update and maybe we can train strictly trainers, refer back to the town, make it level 30, level 28 training grounds we can train burts, brady, basils, bennidicts, maybe a small chance for lilths. More customization, can we get more faction icons? Maybe people from other countries can change the American f.l.a.g.s on the town hall to that of their country. The armory… Earl needs to be killed slowly and painfully! But we should be able to add confuse, taunt, burn, better bleed, etc and let us be able to get 100% crit and reset a slot of a weapon instead of the whole thing. Etc. Etc. Etc.

I can go on but it doesnt matter, no one is listening, no one cares. Hell even the players dont care at this point. Scopely has made everyone complacent and robotic, everyone is against each other and wants no change so scopely gives us the same events day after day, drops an op promo every week or so and the gamblers eat it all up.

We can dream but in realty nothing will change and also i and everyone would like territories to not crash before we get new ones/buffed territories


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