Territory "bonus"


So this is how bonus works? Instead of 6 points of reputation points, that you normally get, now - with the +30% points from territory - I get … 6 points total - 5 of which is normal and +1 is a bonus? Wow.


You are right, it gives 6 at first, but then counts another 2. Pretty strange. Plus even if only visual, it is interesting how it was created, since it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal, to make it work properly. Oh well, Scopely.


Another solution would be to abandon that useless territory.


Yeah, I don’t care for that, someone in my faction does it seems, hence the situation. I had also a problem with survivors territory buff - it shown 26+6 I think and after I checked, I got only 28 survivors (must have had 2 before), so I just point the fact, that buffs don’t work properly or at all.