Territory battles not giving Leauge points?


Hello, just noticed that we are not getting leauge points from doing territory battles. Even though it says so in the leauge points info area? Is this a bug or is there something that i’ve missed? i talked with a few people about it and they are experiencing the same issue.


Same thing happening with me


Check your trophy score before and after attacking a territory. For attacks against opposing factions it doesn’t show up in the battle rewards but the trophy score does increase


He is totally right, Thanks man.


yeah true, didnt notice that lol thanks man!

however it would be nice if it could show the points gained like it does in raid lol :slight_smile:


I would like it to be for walkers too, since this whole thing has gotten walkers running rampant not


yeah i mean, a terrritory batle is a territory battle. A little wierd that it wont count lol


Amen to that. The past few days has been drama over terrys for this stupid issue.


If you read the full announcement on leagues, the scoring is stated to be for PvP specific activities. So killing walkers doesn’t fall into that. But, hopefully they will consider changing due to the impact it has had.


yeah i did read that it says pvp, however its just wierd that it doesnt show you the leauge points in the battle rewards. Like it does when you raid, it shows you the solo and leauge points gained from that raid battle.


I think its just not showing, I just did a battle and while they didn’t show on the result screen my score went up a little.


Known Issues

  • Territories battle result screen does not display the acquired League Trophies for a victory. Don’t worry, the trophies will still be awarded to players for their Territories participation, and will show up in the main League hub, and will count towards ranking, they just currently aren’t displayed on the battle end reward screen. This issue should be fixed shortly.

We’re looking to get this fixed in our next update.


Can you just disable territory trophies towards leagues? You have all players using ten hits but can only apply three teams. Eventually all territories go to walkers because there’s no teams to apply. It’s a pretty bad idea imo.


Please consider Walkers giving trophies aswell. 85% of the territories map is run over by Walkers and no one wants to waste energy and thus trophies on taking those territories.


Thanks! :slight_smile: while i have you here, i and alot of my friends are also experiencing another problem with the territories. Sometimes when i attack a territory my game “restarts” and i have “failed” the match and wasted 1 energy. Its a bit annoying because it happens frequently and its not just me who experiences it. I know its been talked about for a while but it would be cool if it could be fixed .


It’s on support/FAQ since first day


Get rid of trophies from territoires. It’s buggy and not fun.

How about try creating something completely new and fresh for the players instead of making us do two raids, sr’s, and level up’s every single week.


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