Territory attack BUG?


Good afternoon

There is often a bug when I attack a territory, in the middle of the battle the game simply closes, loses energy and does not end the attack.

Is this happening often, is it happening to someone else?


Welcome to RTS, this has happened about 1,793,016 x 900,000,150 times already


Yep High Power nailed it, and that number is real


Was happening in War battles more frequently too last weekend. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The best thing is that it locks you out when you log back in because it apparently thinks that you are still attacking.

I’ve had this happen repeatedly after putting a team into the crafting territories then having the second attack bug. I log in and can’t attack because it has me locked out. By the time I can, someone else has already hit the defense team a second time and put in a team of their own-AND they have the ability to attack my team during the “fight it out” period.

I don’t get a chance to attack their team, so I end up losing the territory when I should have had the first two attacks-finishing the defense before anyone had a chance to attack. It’s very frustrating because I often hit one territory and wasted two attacks on the second bugged territory-meaning 4 wasted energy for no return.


Is a problem that has been very long and scopely still cannot be solved

Sometimes 2 attack uses 10 energy.

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At this point it’s a feature of the game.

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