Territory AR boosts increased chances doesn't work


I noticed this in prev level up and re-confirmed it again on current level up. My faction took Magnas old base which gives the increased chance of success when leveling a characters AR. When I use 10 2 star characters of the right trait the game states the odds at 77% chance to increase AR. This is roughly 3/4 or 4/5 will succeed. I then go to level up a character and put 5 lots of ten characters into it and don’t get a single AR up. I know this is mathematically possible but it is unlikely. In both previous and current levels ups I put about 10 lots of 10 chars into an AR attempt in previous I got 1/10 this time 0/10.

Although these numbers are not enough to be certain it definitely doesn’t seem right. Can this be looked at pls.


I seem to have better luck without the territory.