Territories? Would anyone miss them?


I was just wondering if anyone would miss territories at all? I know I hate the 50 pop-ups I get when I open the game. It then crashes and I have to reopen to actually play. I personally wouldn’t miss them at all.


Yes I would absolutely miss the armory bonus, terrible post IMO


The armory bonus is the only thing people are using and occasionally the XP bonus during lvl ups. I have seen a lot of people saying they dislike the territories. Honestly. But it was just a question.


Yes since scopley decided to stop giving toons territories is about the only place left to get them

Although I might add painstakingly long


Hell the fuck no. Why would I miss a feature that involves multiple faction engaging in a massive shitstorm to take a place along with my faction mates constantly blowing up the chat, in-game and on LINE, to place and replace teams within these places, only for us to lose it within a day or even sooner? Fuck Territories.


I vote remove the popups - they are very distracting in war.


It’s trash. Get rid of it. Well I would kinda miss the free item tokens. Definitely not the crashes.

Easy fix just add the 30% bonus when using a polishing kit, ect. P.S. Even when it crits your gonna get the one you dont want :laughing: Muhuhuha


Wouldn’t miss them at all and would celebrate if they were to gid rid of them. Imo territories has taken the fun out of the game. Time to go


I wouldn’t miss them at all. The constant pop ups and teams being kicked on the daily…it’s an endless back and forth for not much payoff imo. And now that there seems to be 3-4 tournaments a week, I don’t have time to keep up with territories on top of it.


Territories either need a massive revamp or to be scrapped all together. 5 or 6 of any use and the rest are irrelevant


Territories are ok. Wood scavenger missions, though…


I tried to answer the poll but couldn’t figure out how I felt. I don’t bother with crit territories anymore (even most crits are garbage), tokens are whatever. I do like holding the energy boost on roadmaps days but no, I wouldn’t miss them.
140 odd FA tokens a day though, so…


For whatever reason most of my faction is obsessed with reps so they are compelled to keep Hershel’s Farm. We will strategically grab others from time to time as well. I personally wouldn’t miss them but it does give my 4 teams of maxed out 5-stars a purpose other than Survival Road tourneys, Faction Assault and towers in Wars - all of which are one-and-done type of events.


I like XP and Armory ones,but territories as a whole is a big pain in the ass


My feelings exactly word for word. I personal hate territories too much babysitting and needs too much attention nothing about territories makes me feel like I have to to have them its all just short gains.


the weapon crafting ones are essential. the world erg ones are fantastic. the build bonus ones really can help up and coming players/factions get where they need to be. sure, a few of them are fairly “worthless” in practice but overall our region uses territories to great effect


Weapons craft and crit, world energy regeneration, disassembly bonus (got a couple duct tapes), xp bonus when able to snag it from the top faction. Territories have decent benefits but I don’t have time to constantly check and replace teams. I don’t have any refills so once the 10 are gone, can’t really do much.


What is really annoying about territories that it still crashes everytime you lose one.


This right here. I enjoy the benefits. I HATE the pop ups with the fire of 1,000 suns. They’re a PITA but our faction uses them to great benefit


lol you really think they care about poll results…