Territories - Will they ever work?

Have we given up any hope of the territories actually functioning properly? Between winning battles and not being able to place a team because it’s no longer available and going to walkers when you have a team loaded it’s just rolling garbage. I can’t be the only person having issues which is what support seems to think.

Territories - Will they ever work?

Short answer. No.

Long answer. If it doesn’t generate money for them then they don’t care. No one is running out and buying territory cans therefore it won’t ever be fixed.


You’re not the only one experiencing issues, but I have to admit that for a couple months the territories are much more stable. Virtually zero restarts to load screen now (previously at least 5 times a week, sometimes even 5 times a day) and the “territory no longer available” is also popping up only sporadically. Had it just twice throughout all of June, even though I almost never let the territory energy go to waste…

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How often do you have issues with the territories? It sure happens from time to time that a team gets kicked shortly after you took the territory. These are obviously server time out issues, also your provider‘s networks play a role in this. Doesn’t matter if somebody has a super duper signal / data connection. At least the territories are no longer broken as it was in the past. I am more frustrated about those among us who intentionally walker the territories.

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According to Scopley they are working as intended and require no fixing. It’s your devise that is the problem. Keep surviving!!:grinning:

Probably once or twice a week and primarily when there is a chance that territories will be contested.

Can you show me where they said this, please?

It was on one of the threads that JB said territories worked as intended. There was nothing wrong on their end it was our devices that were the problem. I can’t find it anymore but I’m not making it up.

Perhaps this? I don’t read this as saying all the crashes are related to lower tier devices, and even if that was his misunderstanding at the time, it’s obviously been proven false and we should move on from something said 2 CM’s ago.

However this is still the stand Scopley has stuck to. Nothing gets fixed and all the bugs and crashes remain. But hey what’s next new feature no one has asked for

That’s not the point they stick with, though?

Nobody denies territories are glitchy.

Think it would probably be helpful is a CM addressed this issue and update it so we the customer are in line with their understanding and have acknowledgement that they know it’s a continued problem.

Usually the best method of approach is to just be honest and update customers so they feel that you are on their side, that you recognised that it’s an on going probably but that it occurs for a, b, c reasons. And that is something Scopely are continuously working on so as a reminder to customers, If an issue occurs, to make sure u capture (they will advise on info) so we can eliminate the issue together.

Some sort of resolution and understanding is key here, and is a very basic methodology.

But we are only customers. We can’t even get a direct response and ongoing interaction + engagement from Scopely, so we r probably asking too much

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