Territories... Thumbs down

So now it’s an rng bag. Why @GR.Scopely?


Those terries just suck. Won’t bother spending precious time on them


2 hrs for an rng bag for just 35 shards? meh. if we manage to hold one territory and if its 25% drop for each, I’ll get 35x6=210 shards of the toon Im working on lol.

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having 8 is good tho, those who moan about the red velvet cakes can focus on the holding the armory ones at the end


8 is good but there was no need to make the 2hr rewards rng as well. No point in using cans this time.


I want to see if a facrion can take and hold all 8 at the end :joy:

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The RNG gods have spoken and they are here to ruin our Christmas


personally would have liked to see it be a choice bag and reduced to 1hr of holding time. Seems it would be more beneficial to people and no one likes RNG. I do like the addition of armoury tokens though.


This is the first time I’ve seen special terries pop and thirty minutes in one doesn’t have a single hit on it lol


We are in the middle of clearing walkers and it got reset (like what it happened last time)??? WTF

just 125 every 2hours or 3000 during whole event… that’s just enough to research 1 level1 epic weapon effect

Edit. didnt see there is a 350 one

30 minutes to clear or it resets. so it started 34 minutes ago. 4 minutes ago they reset. It is unfortunate but the timer is there

Thanks. Didn’t realize they have such a short timeframe

mhm it’s easy to miss because 6* territories aren’t very well explained in my opinion

I like the choice boxes for the shards. Not everyone needs same thing so being able to pick is better

its not a choice box though…

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30 mins to clear 10k walkers in weekday is a terrible idea. Only super active faction will be able to do it.

with only about 71 walkers a round yeah it’s a lot - lots of cans needed and people

if it were a choice box I would agree but it’s a random shard


Only one territory has been taken so far in my region lol this is great.