Territories the unused sections


So I’ve been wondering when territories were released we were told that certain territories would become available every now and then for limited time but for the life of me I can only remember two maybe three instances where were you guys actually used them or rather opened them up for a limited time for use… If feels like territories have just been swept under the rug I hate territories I wish they had never been released but since they have can maybe you guys you know actually do it instead of leaving it half done? It might actually make it a little more fun …I mean we have 8 territories out of ten that I have never even seen used??


It seems I was wrong everyone I have talked to can only remember one time that they were even used …


But than again they are probably worthless now because no one has enough six stars to actually defend a territory for very long …


are you talking to yourself?


Just adding to what I wrote… but funny


I agree they need to do something with those territories it bothers me alot. And i remember they were testing territory tournaments please make this happen we need a break from all the mother f%$#@ng stupid @$$ shyt prize level up tournaments. Lol


terrorities, extra map spaces, normal missions, sr, supply depot, customer first, ftp ascends, early 2018,

quite a few things have been sweep under the rig


Yes many features need upgrades.
Let’s hope there working on them still

SR, Raid Milestone scores, Museum (would be nice to have a catalogue of every toon), Museum points, Survival Road and how 6s work there, Territories, story mode, daily Roadmaps, better farming for survivors etc…, all tokens 4, Elite item tokens, basic tokens…more available Lilliths, cheaper stuff in SR Depot, town expansion, more legacy ascendables and faster releases.
Fixing region decline…etc…

I imagine they have a huge list.
Hopefully the got on it and continue in there recent good work.
Hire more peeps.


Just give us a 30% greater chance on critical success in weapons and get rid of the game crashing territories all together.


Lol territory tournaments is not the answer, they were absolutely abysmal on beta ,where all that mattered was the last hour didnt matter what happened thee previous day of the tournament.

What i will say is making the worst feature of the game into an event is a no go for me, territories have to many bugs as is and making a tournament while these bugs are still prevalent is a no go


Thing they need to do in territories tournament should go by who many tokens you collected during that time frame like for example how there is lands for 4* n 5* tokens toons, weapon and elite items how you collect at end of a day or 2 will be winner of tournament


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I do that all the time. Actually nice to see I‘m not alone there.