Territories suggestion

I strongly believe that everyone is now enough with the territories bugs. It lasts for years already.

My second hit always leads to a restart, no matter it is contested or not. Then it will continue to restart for a few times.

Often I hit faster than the others but restart makes them win. I believe it is due to a lag issue (my connection is slow).

So, it results in unfair competition and also waste a lot of energy.

I want to suggest:

  1. No more stacking.
  2. Only 1 hit is enough.

There shall be a count in walkering, say 10. If a player walkers a territories to the threshold, he/she cannot hit a territory for 2 days.

I’ve got a suggestion too, can we just remove them completely, all problems sorted.

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I had that problem. Now i just find a good signal spot and put my phone there. I don’t hold it while doing territories just keep tapping the needed button. Not 100% but a lot better than it was :blush:

what I think is: if the bug cannot be fixed, removed it or completely revamp it is the best.

It now leads to unfair competition. So either remove it or make 1 hit only. Then it shall remove most of the problem.

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