Territories still still broken


JFC, how many reports of broken Territories are you going to brush under the carpet? It’s a fucking disgrace.

Latest one. We take Surefire Supplies, then we take Strip Mall. Both stacked hard with defence teams. We all start crafting (with a 30% crit bonus showing). Then, 4 minutes after taking Strip Mall, it gets overrun by Walkers and everyone who started the crafting in that 4 minutes period is now showing a 15% bonus.

So what the hell is going on?


There’s also the bug when you place a defense team and the game reloads, but you still lose the energy.


As an update, we cleared walkers and is actually gone back to showing 30% crit.

Initial rage subsided. But still fucking ridiculous. Sort your shit out Scopely.


10 minutes ago I attacked a territory, my game reloaded and then it went to walkers


Ok so there are two glitches happening here. Not that anyone gives a shit.

First is an issue which has already been raised (which I probably should have realised having commented on it already) regarding walkers overrunning a territory minutes after it is captured:

The second issue is that the armoury isn’t displaying a constant bonus. This morning we’ve lost both weapon crit territories but got one of the weapon success territories and the same craft from last night is showing a 15% success bonus and no crit bonus. I now have screenshots of the same craft showing a 30% crit bonus, 15% crit bonus, no bonus and a 15% success bonus. Hopefully it is just a display issue, and my town screen does still show the crit success symbol next to the armoury craft timer.


Thanks to the wonders of free collage makers, enjoy the varying bonus levels on the same craft in all it’s Scopely shit covered glory