Territories Still Crashing post Walker update


Can someone add to their backlog to put in a fix for territories. Since they were introduced they have always had issues.

Specifically, I have just wasted 4 energy from the game crashing as soon as the territory battle begins. When the game reloads it still think that the battle is ongoing and prevents anyone getting hits in on it (effectively giving a free shield to the territory owner).

It has always been a pain but now territory energy is more valuable due to league standings, I think it’s time a fix be put in place.


when i take Cabin territory it crashes …

midway through any event/raid if someone takes cabin my game crashes … something is up



The recent Walkers update in Territories was a server side push only, while the crash observed in Territories will be fixed when the new client (the actual game update) lands, which should happen later this month.


I always crash when I log back on to game. After I had a team in a territory and it was taken from us always crash.


I get some territory crashes within territories, but seem to get more in regular parts of the game when the territory popups come at the bottom of the screen to tell me my teams are kicked. Nothing more frustrating than being in a war or onslaught match, and getting kicked out just as you are about to kill lydia off finally.


This was never going to be fixed with the walker update…Do you even read the forums lol


Point to the part of my part of the post where is said that I thought it did.

Thank for your pointless reply.


I also have the same problems when it come to territories. Very annoying!


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