Territories quick fix

I’m sure this has been suggested, but I’ll suggest it again.

A quick fix to Territories would be allow us to assign 5 teams instead of 3. That way we could place a team for every team we knock out.

I’m sure there would still be aholes that would f-up Territories but 5 teams to assign might help.

That’s not terrible but it still won’t help. People love to grief and people will still send spots to walkers. They made it easier to take back spots from walkers and that still hasn’t done anything. The map is constantly white.

The only solution and one that they apparently they won’t do is to stop awarding trophies on attacks and instead reward them only when a faction holds a spot for an hour. Just like when they do the limited territory events. Also to encourage faction members to stack a spot each team inserted on def earns additional trophies.

Done. Now send me my check.

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