Territories quick fix suggestion

Territories… What a mess we have.
Across every region I’ve got accounts on its a very hot topic, and a source to much debate and drama.
What is really the problem?
Well, there are several problems, but there is a very easy fix to some of the issues.
Now, when dealing with the league system, which I must admit I am a fan of, the fact that you can attack more than you can defend/hold is a problem.
Well, what do I mean with this?
We have 10 energy to spend when we’re at our cap.
We can place up to 3 teams to defend and hold territories.
It takes on average 2 attacks to clear a team out of a territory.
Then when we go about farming league points, we end up with extra attacks and when used, territories may end up walkered.
Attacking a walkered area generates no league points, so where does that lead us?
Well, previously the amount of walkers was greatly reduced in any specific area, good, but that’s not really good enough, not even nearly.

I propose 2 things
1, add league points as reward for attacking walkered areas too.
2, reduce the territory energy to 6 rather than 10.

Point 1 is really obvious, but point 2, why would this be a good idea? Well, it would balance the fact you can only defend with 3 teams, and it takes on average 2 attacks to clear a def as already stated.

What sayeth the community and what sayeth @JB.Scopely ?

Been waiting for a fix for ages, not sure when it’ll come. We need all the energy we can get since they’re a bugged mess, using up energy whenever the game reboots and erasing a team that was originally placed on a territory from existence. Don’t think Scopes is too keen on the idea of League Trophies for PvE (Survival Road aside).

Long story short, every change you suggest is obsolete unless the constant crashing is taken care of.

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So what happens when they glitch and your game crashes and u can’t add a team? 6 energy I don’t think is a solution. Nor is trophies from walkers unless it’s significantly less. Why? Because then everyone who has cans and coins would simply send terrs to walkers, farm the trophies, then leave it. So then you have said whales constantly being able to farm tons of trophies.
They could put a cap on amount of trophies received daily in terrs possibly. They could do away with trophies from there all together. The other thing is…don’t do 2 hits and send to walkers. If your out of teams only hit it 1x and allow the other hit for someone with energy and teams. There’s 45min energy fill up no reason to send stuff to walkers,simply wait until something is available. You will likely only hold 3 terrs for that hour. So save your energy for them. People will be dooshes tho and send to walkers.

The main reason no fix has come is because there’s no profit in it, maybe it will be in the long run, but mobile games are really only ever looking for easy money as quick as possible with as little resources spent as possible.
To put time in fixing a bug concerning an area where money can’t be milked is not interesting enough to bother with.
I would then sugest to remove league points from territories, let those who care about territories fight over them and let everyone else not be bothered.
Since territories are working perfectly fine for some (me included) but not for others, it is very unfair to have them included in the league system.

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Fair point, I’m with you then on removing league points all together from territories.

As long as I stop seeing almost every territory walkered I’m on board.

Classy. Presidential one might say

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Not sure where you’re going with this not have hit it yet, but its fairly obvious that involving league points farming with a broken part of the game that territories is would seem as a proper bad idea.

Hmmm what could the fix be :thinking:

Don’t give out league trophies in territories

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