Territories question

Quick question, is there a way that if you are defending a Territory, and you loose it to attacks you can place teams to get in the contest?


Not possible, just gotta keep adding teams while you control it

Tell them it’s impossible1522967534269


It should not be possible, I don’t think that has ever happened in my region.

If it’s bugging on you though, anything’s possible.

Cuz we are being vindictive

I honestly wanted to know if anyone else could explain it.
We all thought it wasn’t possible either but wanted to see if it was a well known glitch.

@CombatMan is this something you have any idea about?

Yes this happens with some regularly if refreshing/being attacked a lottt (there is a tiny window that makes it possible when all your teams are killed off, but it would be rather difficult to make happen on purpose). I’ve mentioned it multiple times along with the numerous other territory bugs, not sure if they’ve ever specifically acknowledged that bug, they tend to ignore all of them equally.

If they fixed any of the bugs people wouldn’t spend as much on refills.


First am seeing this one, send the ss to support.

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I believe it’s related to the existing issues that are already logged, where reloads can happen and territories can become unowned after being captured.

Gotcha. That’s still in the works of being fixed, right? I didn’t see it in the new patch notes.

Ya, still in the works.


Thank you for the information :slight_smile:️ I knew someone would have an insight.

That’s probably the same like fighting against your own tower team which i had once a long time ago. :crazy_face: