Territories problem

I’ve been having a problem with territories for a few weeks.
Its seems like I had a defense team asigned on Surefire Supplies but I dont have it there so because of this I can’t asign 3 teams and I cant attack SS
Can someone help me about this??Screenshot_20190325-002026

I wish a dev, CM, player, etc could help but you will prob just get “doesnt happen to me so it doesnt exist” or “we are aware of this issue and will take it to the team”

We have spent soooooo long complaining about territories, territories are imo one of the most buggy thing in RTS, we finally made some progress, well so we thought… In the update we were supposed to get less territory notifications/pop ups, idk about others but i sure the hell am not getting less pop ups. Also crashing has supposedly been “fixed” twice and even put in patch notes that it was fixed but of course crashing is still happening and scopes claims it is our devices now.

What i am saying is youre/we, the community are on our own… Keep surviving :hugs:

You can report it here and in game and if you have line app and/or discord you can message @JB.Scopely or @GR.Scopely or message them here but just being honest with you, nothing will be fixed and if it is even addressed at all it will be months and months :angry:

I can suggest maybe going to your teams and seeing if you can remove the “ghost” team that way or leave your faction real fast and maybe it will kick the team, other than that idk and we are on our own and yes ive had this happen a few times


I couldn‘t agree more. First thing happening on territories after update was the game crashing with energy lost. Popups are as annoying as they were and no league points for clearing walkers until now.
I also have been stuck with a team like that before, @Papercut. Choosing stop defending on my team screen always set them free. Good luck to you.


Thanks for the info :blush:
I’ll try and hope i can fix it

A bit more extreme, but leaving your faction and rejoining also fixes this because they will be force removed when you leave the faction.

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Did u place a team and it skipped contest and left it there?

Kinda hard since I’m leader lol but I’ll try since there’s no other way so far

I don’t really know how this happened, just realize when I try to attack ss and my game start crashing over and over :confused:

I ask because theres times when I’ve had teams in and its skips contest so my team remains. I’ve had to open roster in terrs screen, view teams, and pull it that way.
We also had a team stuck in a terr holding the terr despite being defeated but didnt give us the hourly and the team could be placed elsewhere.
I’m thinking leaving ur fac, joining a low one and taking a terr like lady geek suggested might solve the issue.

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