Territories Pop up notifications


Can we please finally have a way to disable the pop up notifications in territories…

Its completely useless and interrupts so many aspects of the game.

This is a much needed and simple fix.


how is this a simple fix? can you provide the correct coding? can you guarantee there will be no coding conflicts? can you make sure this doesn’t affect other aspects of the game negatively? will this fix apply to all devices including newly released devices? will this be a soft OTA patch or will it require a manuel update from the appstore? if it is an appstore update will you include other “fixes” in the update as well rather than making alot of small updates?


:roll_eyes: This guy again.

Yes disabling the territory pop up will end all life in the universe. Better to leave it alone. :smirk:


It is annoying.


Believe me. It IS easy.


I’d like to have my Manuel updated. He is useless at present.


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