Territories 'pop up drive me crazy

Please, stop these territories pop up. Useless, and really annoying.


I know right, like I don’t care…

Seriously annoying, but you know what I do miss is the little number notification when there’s a new roadmap. I don’t actually check often enough on my own


Also annoying, posting duplicate threads on forums.


I agree I’ve accidentally hit one during battle in war got taken straight to territories and lost that battle I was so mad maybe even an option in settings for us to turn them off during events like war and raid tourney and fac onslaught

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There is no way that a pop up made you flee from a battle you already started lol a little dramatic there

She didn’t flee a raid battle. If you click the pop-up, it takes you straight to the territory screen, regardless of whether or not you’re in a battle. The flee screen might’ve come up and while she was tapping the screen accidentally clicked yes. Either way it loops back to the annoying territory popup

I thought I was the only one who got super pissed off when this happened especially when you’re trying to talk in the faction chat

@TonightWePurge why are you speaking for someone else? Can they not speak for themselves? I still don’t understand what you said so why not wait for the OP to state their own problems :+1:

Do agree during war might be pop up and can’t hit top two toon on right hand side for 5 seconds. It’s annoyingly but could be worse fam

Not speaking for someone else just stated what happened to me

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