Territories Or Us


The top 5 or 6 factions have formed an Alliance and won’t let any of the lower tiered factions have any of the good bonuses or rewards in Territories. They bully everyone and are a general nuisance. Can Scopley do anything to make territories more fair? Like only allow a faction to hold a territory for a certain time period then they are locked out of that bonus for a certain period? Give a handicap to low level players in Territory according to their team/faction strength to allow weaker players to compete with high level players. Bonuses and milestones rewards simply for activity in Territories. Territory refills and new tokens that allow you to revive your territory teams given out periodically.


If it’s the top 5 or 6, grab other factions and retaliate and hit them back. It’s always going to be this way, even if you get them they will have everyone attack you and clear you out there or at a different location you occupy. Even if scopely Gabe that stuff out you would still run into the same situation.


Alliances are commonplace in territories.

My advice? Form your own. Plus also sow some seeds of doubt in the existing one.

For example, using a totally hypothetical situation, say a faction called Whimperers were running an alliance that included almost all factions from second to tenth in a region. You’d notice that they never actually help their alliance comrades when attacking a non-alliance territory. So what you might do is post an oddly specific situation masquerading as a hypothetical one in the hope it sows seeds of doubt within the other factions casuing them to realise said Whimperers are actually just using them…


i feel territories already spoonfeeds weaker teams the win. increased stamina damage over time. losing at least 300 stamina to only 100 for the attacker. allowing you to kill one at a time to make even the most beast teams weak. here i was thinking they needed to buff defending in territories lol. i see no problem being in a top faction that dominates everything we still get knocked out of territories beacuse of these mechanics



If you need to, schedule a time well in advance to have enough players on all at once to take it down. Top factions usually have a few hanging around at one time. Often players attack too spaced out and then it allows them to flag their chat and more defenders show up.


Place a few hits in periodically if your not going to wait for 600 dmg. Most don’t replace unless they are a main team and they want to refresh them rather than waiting for the revive cooldowns. Means you can knock away a third of their health early and not worry about replacing. And if these are energy you would otherwise lose cause your at 10/10 there is no reason not to.



Some of you are probably missing the point. I’m not in that region so idk what’s going on either, but for all we know they could be putting up S5++ defences on territories (yes this does happen) which some may be unbeatable to lower players and factions.


No actually you need to kill a toon and flee. Do this twice and that toon won’t be there.

Far easier.


If you’re in a lower faction (most of the time) you’re probably too low to kill one of the 6 stars, again idk the situation but there’s always a way people aren’t seeing.

  1. Depending on their team layout, it may not work.
  2. Why would they wanna start over at another region just because stuff is unfair?
  3. Why should they not worry about having good bonuses?


Sorry but they just have to grind to get better. No way around it. Only justifiable case that requires developer to look into is new regions with huge 6s VS non 6s imbalance. But hey, yell at the developers for going back on their word…


I agree, they do have to grind, only saying stuff that may be happening and focusing on the present.


So it’s fair that the top factions can stop the lower factions from getting territories?


It’s literally designed that way…

Same as…
Survival road…

… Welcome to twd:RTS… It’s all about the Benjamin

I know… Surprising


So because players are weak means they can’t have ANY territories? Doesn’t make sense. They get territories most of the time to BECOME stronger


Events are designed that way, territories aren’t designed any specific way except to help players better themselves and their teams.


But seriously… Lmfao at that one


Again, let’s say S5++ teams are on EVERY plot, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it if you can’t beat them, it means they try their hardest to be a**holes to others.



Territories aren’t designed to stack unbeatable teams onto. Or maybe they were, only Scopely knows


Never said it had to change, only explaining my reasoning.