Territories need a fix!



Since the release of leagues, my regions territories are a fkn mess, and all my friends in other regions report the same BS. People grab territories, apply no teams and leave em to walkers just so others cant score league points… nobody grabs and stacks a territory,because as soon as you do the whole region jumps on it for points and it falls to walkers again. Everyone is constantly bitching about it aswell. Territories were already a burden before leagues but now they have become absolutely unbearable.

For a fix i suggest one/some of the following:

  • either remove walkers from territories if nobody applies, or make us earn league scores for clearing them. Right now they are just a burden

  • make it so that u only get league score if u apply a team, not for killing the enemy team.

  • make it so league scoring in territories only gives u points for holding a territory, not for grabbing it

  • remove league scoring from territories in total

Something needs to be done cuz its draining everyones will to play.
Thanks beforehand


Or just remove territories entirely


100% agree with OP. Territories are a joke now.

90% of territories are constantly shielded because factions only put 1 team in them and is easily dropped to another faction. Nobody waste times trying to defend them because once your shield drops it’s only 1 of 4 territories not shielded and the whole server attacks instantly for points

Any territory that is defended is defended by a whale faction with all maxed out 6* teams with shields and revives.

Territories were a joke before leagues and now it’s even worse. Can we just go ahead and mark them a failure and scrap them? Switch league trophies over to Faction Assault and be done with territories once and for all.


I really thought ALOT more people would agree tbf


A lot of players do agree, but there are so many posts on this subject every day that it’s impossible to react to every one.


Yea there’s like 5 posts a day about this. You think they would have taken action by now. Why can’t they just disable it?


Well its been over a year now that they cannot fix the crashing so I figure they wont be able to fix this either… Would take to many precious man hours away from the next new ascendable that looks exactly like one of the 5* characters you spent 500 bucks on.


This is such an issue right now I try to bump every single post I see on Leagues/Territories.

Please remove leagues from territories.


Every region is at each others throats because of this … it’s painful to read global


Just remove territories altogether


Territories have been a pita since it came out. Some argue it’s good bc of the bonuses for crafting and in lvl ups. My faction fights over which to take and refuses to drop ones we don’t need. The territories are by far the worst feature. When they don’t crash the whole game there are popups galore when logging in. Which of course crashes the game. Or interfere with attacks in war or raids…
I don’t think they are horrible but taking them down until a better code can be written to support them with better implementation would be better. Better yet just make the bonuses for the various territories permanent in the game and get rid of the mess.


The more I think about it… the more it’s clear that Scopely likes this version better and may have designed it this way.


  • like minimizing the amount of useful free stuff, particularly things people might pay for (Mod crits, 5* tokens, etc)
  • like turning up the heat when possible to: increase activity, decrease stale game-play, & player-workarounds.

Yes, it pissed of their customers… but most changes do. so why would they rush to fix it…?
the fix is extremely easy and could have been done in minutes: stop rewarding league pts for territory raids


Territories need to go away!!! Period!! If Scopley can’t fix the bull that it seems every region is experiencing then shut it down. I’m sick of just sitting by and taking what they dish out. It’s not just glitches, it’s people walkering territories and the rest of us trying to clear them out. Give everyone trophies for clearing if they can’t/won’t fix it!


I have to agree. Territories has caused more fighting and headaches than any other part of the game. It’s simply not worth it. I’d be happy to see it gone but at the very least please take it out of league.


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