Territories journey man

I’ve been doing a lot of construction, so I was wondering what’s the best way to use journey man 1. It’s a -20% in construction time?? When should I apply said buffs.?

Anyone. Is it a waste?

I am sure @Dave-TTT can give you some helpful tips.

It applies the building speedup as long as you are holding the territory, so stacking it with your faction would be your best bet.

Apply the buffs when you have a very long build going on. You don’t have to hold it the entire time to get a benefit of it.

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Just exactly how helpful is it. Don’t want to burn energy on minutes.

For every hour a building upgrade requires, that you also hold the territory, 20% should reduce it by 12 min. So if you hold it for 5 hours, it should reduce your time by about an hour i think.

It can be helpful, but if you’re only getting it for an hour, once in a while, then Idk. Just a personal call I think. I’ve never really used it tbh.

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I thought you did have to hold it or it reset?!

Not really. I have a write-up somewhere. You still benefit from the time you hold it. Basically, if you hold it for an hour, after the hour is up the build time will go back up but not as much as if you had not held the territory for an hour.

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Who knew?! It must look small because I can never see any difference but I believe you. Thanks for the info