Territories is broke

Not that it really affects anything but when I killed everybody oin a territory, all the avatars came up as Rick and they were already shown as dead.

Since I saw that Scopely, you should send me a big boat load of Trader cards.

they’ll send you a box of severed middle fingers


Just came here looking for this, so that I don’t have to start a new thread. Just adding pictures to make it all perfectly obvious…
The actual team I battled:

The resulting screen:

Don’t need any rewards, just


Seen it BUT it doesn’t stop you taking the territory tho!

So in grand scheme of things and the ongoing debarcle of territory’s is small potatos… minor visual glitch.


Problem with this minor visual glitch is, that if you are working out an issue with territory agreements (no S-class in crits / XP territories), you don’t have proof of the guilty party to flag.

Otherwise I agree, inconsequential in the grand scheme of things… hence - no reason to harass the devs about it chanting com-pen-sa-tion, com-pen-sa-tion! but still something to be flagged as a rollback of collateral changes introduced to improve the QoL once resources available

I noticed this too, right after war finished. It doesn’t affect anything at all, but just adds to the amount of blunders with territories in this game.

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