Territories glitch still on going

Still getting knocked outta territories with over 100k defense in and a split second glitch gives territories to different faction

Yep…it happens to me too. Probably won’t get fixed anytime soon.

If they only new how many people have rage quit over the territories and how much that has cost them over the last year or so they would of sorted them out ages ago, people on the brink umming and arring about the game, and boom terra glitch :man_shrugging:t3:

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They wont ever know cause the CMs dont take anything to the team, this forum is made for one thing and it isnt feedback


It’s been broken since day 1 release (which was what 3 years ago?), Territories will continue to be broken bc they don’t care enough about this game to get off their rich pancake party and predatory business practices arses and fix it. Instead they will just release more Disgustingly OP game breaking toons along with the release of even more shitty broken features and trash P2P events.

My faction were trying to take one and all 29 of us placed 3 teams each but after the current holder had its teams cleared all our teams were magically booted without a dispute battle. It just randomly picked a faction out of the 10+ that were fighting for it. And of course it went to the faction that didn’t need really need it aka the 1st place whale faction in my region.

Thank you Captain Obvious the revelation that territories is bugged is a new one to all of us.

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