Territories Fix Poll! (agree and move already)


It seems to be a popular issue… let’s get some consensus as a community and push for that already. The solutions are potentially very simple. Let’s show Scopes a path, so they will go that direction.

  • Territories are Fine… Leave as is
  • Remove League pts rewards for Territories
  • Add League pts for adding defense / Walkers
  • Create a new timeout feature (something that gives a chance to save the territory from returning to walkers. or other )
  • Other

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Remove terr points from leagues (Vote)

its getting redundant when they have already expressed a disinterest in points for walkers.


…And where it takes 20+ energy to clear up a territory that can be screwed up so easily.


I say remove the league all together.


Take Territories completely offline, FIX THE BUGS, fix the league points for territories, then bring it back online…



Yes, I know my caps are on smh


Nothing gets fixed quickly. Except things that make money


Other. Add trophies for holding onto a territory for a complete hour.

Nothing else prevents people from walkering every spot still out of spite. If you award them for attacking walkers people will still drop them.
Getting trophies for adding a team can easily be abused by removing and then re-adding until your energy is gone. This requires no effort at all.
Timeout structures are making something that is already tedious even more convoluted and annoying.

Can we stop trying to reinvent the wheel over here and do the easy and right thing?

Award trophies for holding a territory for an hour.

Double the trophies for holding the entire section for an hour.


I tried, apparently can’t edit after 5mins of creating.
It’s a good one


I mean every idea you posted is better than the way things are now but if we really want to end the constant walkering the best thing to do is not award any trophies for attacking and just give them for every hour a faction holds onto a spot. I also like the idea of double rewards for holding the entire section. Could lead to some fun in territories for a change.

Right now it’s a griefers paradise.


This is the only option that fixes the problem. This is the only idea I care to hear.


I like another idea as well. Reduce the walkers in each territory to 1 or 2 hits/energy instead of 6.


I’m gonna have to go with this idea. It seems the best way to get the territories up and running again


as if there arent already enough posts on this… :man_facepalming:

Calling out all the super factions

in the mean time (that will be very long knowing past issue’s treatment by our “host”) , what are You planning to do in Your server?

Nothing? We’re trying to make an agreement between all top-faction in our server , i’ll let You know… but in the mean time , posto also Your opinion


Just remove territories entirely.
I’m sure most of us would rather have an hour or 2 added to our day than any of the tokens or points that come from this feature of the game.


2hrs? You may be doing it wrong.

24 tokens possible a day and you’re likely sleeping at some point… so if you use 18, that cant be taking more than 15 minutes.

If you’re using that many cans, you (and others) can see why they arent going to change it anytime soon.
also, it looks like only 6% agree with you.


I’m including time spent looking, thinking, collecting tokens etc.
I’d say maybe an hour for me, but I can imagine people taking longer - like I used to know a player who did everything manually because he believed you were more likely to get 4 stars drop if you didn’t use auto.


I say add league points to level up tournaments. We have them all the time so should end up fixing territories without actually tampering with them (except obviously the bugs that come with it).


Just remove Territories altogether. It has never worked right.