Territories feature request

My game restarts just about every time i try to add a team to a territory, and i’ve been thinking it over for a while and decided it would be cool if instead it did: NOT. THAT.


I thought of another feature request:

Instead of allowing a faction that holds a territory to place a team at the very last second which counts not as another defense team, but as a new team in the contesting stage that allows them to contest their own territory, and, WORSE, simultaneously blocks the original attacking faction from attacking that team, leaving them to twiddle their thumbs as all the defense teams they applied are picked off one by one by the defending faction, d… don’t.

TLDR: territories is broken af. @CombatMan @CombatDevIl

Also, the longstanding feature that sends the territory to walkers after you kill all the enemy’s defense teams even though you had multiple teams applied, still questionable.