Territories Event Happening Again?

Wouldn’t mind seeing the territories event for Uly, Lilith and Bene. Was good for something different that actually required you work as a team to get the rewards. I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something different.


I enjoyed it too but I also think they should fix the issue where you keep getting booted when attacking or before you can apply a team.

The territory crashing seems to have subsided a little for me. It’s certainly nowhere near as prevalent, but still occasionally happens. Some of the others in the factions were complaining it’s still happening.

Personally I hate territories, we can’t hold one to save our lives due to higher ranked factions booting us when the timer runs out. So I don’t even waist my time putting in defensive teams anymore. Personally I think if scopely wanted things to be fair then they could implement a good idea.

Territories are ranked as factions are ranked, if your faction is ranked this high or higher then that’s the bracket of territories you can occupy, if your faction is ranked this high or lower you can occupy this territory, the territories stay the same, prizes, everything stays the same. If you move up in rank then you move to the next bracket and compete for territories in that bracket. If you fall below this rank you fall back to the next lower bracket. @kalishane why can’t scopely implement something like this in territories? It would make it alot funner, and the big spenders and factions will continue to pay to hold that top positiin. I just thought it would be something to consider for lower ranked factions like myself.

I think we’re ranked 16th, why can’t the top 10 or top 5 have a bracket and to 15 to top 10 have a bracket a top 20 to top 25 and so forth, the higher or lower the faction rank the higher territories bracket your faction could be in. It helps everyone


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