Territories Event Fail%

Getting in first Odds on a smooth Territory Event 0%


Lol why are we still playing idk :joy:


Game walketed everyones territory once they were almost cleared. Kicked teams amd reset. Only one lucky faction kept thier progress so now we all get to can to try to claim it yet again. Gg scope im sure you enjoy that

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Only crashed 6 times, not bad.

I win to easy

All our teams got kicked. We were the only ones going after that territory. What the hell is this crap!

At least clearing the walkers gave out decent amounts of survivors… If they kept that and got rid of everything else, the event would be a lot better…

The timer for clearing is only 30 minutes. If you dont clear, it resets. It’s been like this the last few territory events.

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It would be nice to see them go with a choice box instead of a set collectable as the hourly reward. The event is a big waste if your faction goes after a territory where you don’t need the item.


Would have been nice to put up a key territory as well. Not everyone has him yet and the top factions would most likely have left it alone until the end.

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Considering the amount of S class collections, they could have had a territory for each one. But a choice box is the best all around option, 30 people in a faction all have different needs.

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Well, the thing I hate about this game at the moment is, the one who is top in the region, basically bullies every one in the region, if your on their bad side, they control the game, kinda stupid, I may need to switch regions.

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We kept ours luckily

175 collectables for 10 hours of fighting to keep a territory is pretty pathetic imo.


“A choice box? And let all players get what they actually need? For free? We only made half a million dollars with these S Class toons so far - we need another million or so to keep going. No way, Jose!” said Scopely.

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