Territories destroyed - Leagues fail


Now everybody in my region tries to destroy other teams on the territory map, without leaving an own team. It is a mess now, overall walker territories, who nobody wants to clean up. The last fields with a cooldown get destroyed in seconds after the time is up.

Help, this couldnt be the new meta for territories. There are only two ways to fix this:

  1. Leagues-points for Walker-Maps, too.
  2. Leagues-points for setting a def-team.


It is a mess in my region as well. Veteran and newbies are just hitting territories for points and they don’t seem to care. @JB.Scopely, I hope scopley can start giving league points for hitting walkers in territories or else the territory aspect of the game will go to trash


Territories is a complete and utter mess now.
So stupid.


yea what these folks said


I agree, the easy fix is make walkers count for league points and this becomes a nonissue


Agreed, my second idea is stupid. Setting a def team and getting league-points - wth is wrong with my brain.


The mods and devolpers aren’t even checking here no more
There are bots posting Asian adds…

It’s mayhem!!!

Waste of time :crazy_face::space_invader::end:


No point to keeping territories. If you get one as soon as the shield goes down it gets attack. Scopely needs to remove this from League


If I leave a team it is actually like: here take this gift for your trophies and let my game crashing. Because this is what happens If one of my teams goes down.

Is this the end of territories?


This has been posted since last week. It’s literally the dumbest thing. Change it to SR trophies. You get ten per day. Leave territories alone. Awful


Needs sorting soon. Even if it’s just letting us gain points from hitting zombies.


Bumping this post. Brooks is in utter chaos with territories now too. I see more walker territories than I do captured terrys at times.


Same in my region. 3/4 of the territories is walkers


@JB.Scopely please address this quickly


This should have been identified during beta testin-wait, it was. The exact same thing happened in beta and 90% of the map was grey since it all went to walkers. The other 10% was controlled but only because it was on a timer.


Territories are garbage anyways. Just get rid of it all together.


Territories have been broken for a long time.
Love CS saying ''where’re investigating the causes of the game rebooting cuz of territories" and thats it. No follow up, no fix, no nothing. It’s been like this since LAST YEAR and they couldn’t care less.
Dunno why they added them to Leagues for points. Such a stupid idea, I’d be ashmed if I was the one pitching it. @JB.Scopely


Cleburne has been really chill on territories for the longest time. Even when faction assault tickets came out we just left the cabin at the very end of the map open to clear walkers on for tickets. Now they’re just a complete shitshow.


To the point i cant even physically turn on the game without a territory causing it to reboot. Usually taking some energy or work along with it. If you cant fix the feature disable it or something. A quarter of our map is walkers too or low defense and have never been more volatile. Replacing defense teams wastes all my energy that I cant use to get leauge points. Another broken feature released by a broken company. Not suprised anymore


I love logging in my game since leagues started. Now I’m waiting for 5 mins for all the pop ups of territory gains and losses, with a couple crashes included, before I can even do anything.