Territories Crashing

This is an ongoing problem that with each new update seems to get worse instead of better. Territories are constantly bugged.

  • You go to attack one and then the game crashes and reboots. You lose an energy and now can’t attack that team for five minutes.

  • You win the battle but before you can apply a team, the game crashes and the game reboots. You don’t get to put a team in.

These issues have been commonplace in the game for months. I realize it has been complained about over and over again - support in game simply states it’s being looked into. Instead of getting better though, it only seems to get worse with each update. It’s much worse than when it was first launched.

I’m tired of having to hear the same complaints and have the same complaints about territories. I would hope Scopley would be tired and embarrassed by these same issues as well.

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