Territories causing crashes


get it done! even when a team gets killed in a territory the whole game crashes. thx for wasting a sr energy!

When are you going to fix Territories?

Happens to me almost every day… about 1/3 of the times I add a defense to a territory, or a defense I have added gets killed, the entire game resets. Annoying to say say the least.


Yep and it’s cost us territories as I wasn’t able to add any defenses because of game crash and someone swooped in and grabbed it being able to add a team. This also haa happened where walkers take over even after adding teams. It takes like 10 hits to take it again after all that were online had already used all their energy. And support says it’s not a known issue and asked for screen shots. But I happen to know.coming here that it is a known issue. So I’ll be surprised if u get ur energy back from them.


Yea happened to me just recently attacking territory then crashed out and has happened alot in the past. After all the updates my game just crashes alot more not just in territories everywhere even in war. They really don’t know how to program a game my Xbox crashes less then this game while running mods its kinda sad


Same its really annoying. Esoecially when it does it as you are trying to claim a territory. The opposing team has time to refill it while my game reloads :rage:


Happening even when my teams are kicked from territory as well :frowning: Game is fatally logging me out of the game for most territory activities :frowning:


@CombatMan @CombatDevil

Hey guys, any updates on this?

Even before the beta update, any time I’d attack a territory for the 1st time, the game always, always reboots. Been happening for awhile now. Not normal, it happens in other instances but mostly on this.

Is this being looked into?



same here…and also it can happen in sr tournaments it restarts and I lose 1 energy


Additional logging for territory related stuff was added for 9.1 to get more info on why this is happening. There are other tasks being worked on for this for a later update as well.




Mine didn’t start crashing until 9.0 was released but happens quite often ever since


This is getting pretty frustrating, and upsetting. I have lost the chance to quick takeover territories because of this, and worse still, when reset occurs in the middle of any raid, territory battles, or any activities, because we lose the energy for it. I do not mind losing world energy, but losing other types of energy is simply unacceptable.

Can you bump this up the priority queue please?


This is extremely frustrating! Ive lost count of the amount of times I’ve lost energy related to SR, raid, territory and world due to these frequent crashes.
And the very helpful support team refuses to even credit one refill, in spite of the half a dozen tickets i’ve raised.


My game crashed in the middle of a weapon pull and I still have yet to get the pull. My game crashed last night as I was collecting prestige crate and the 70 daily coins. I am 99% positive I didn’t receive my coin but I have no screen shot and they won’t directly answer what my coin count was before the crash. They told me for about the 10th time (it’s happened alot) to clear cache ect. This does not work. And I am getting really to a point of just being done. They as much as called me a liar and they never really know what your asking. I asked about coin count and got a response about the 30day pass. I’m at a loss and have been snapping random screen shots before I do everything so I in fact have proof in case this happens.


The last week the app crashes frequently when I am attacking a territory. I enter the combat screen but before I can attack, it crashes causing me to waste a fuel.


Still awaiting a response for it. The frustrating thing is this is happening so frequently, and we are also seeing territories, especially new grantsville, being walkered after we captured it with teams in place, instead of automatically being given to our faction.



Spoke with the server dev yesterday and they were able to figure out from the logs issues that are occurring. The plan is for it to be fixed with the 9.2 update.

Edit: This response is actually related to the territories skipping the contested state sometimes. Sorry for any confusion


Thanks a lot. I have lost count of the world and raid energies I have lost due to the frequent crashes. What I noticed is that whenever some one attacks a defense team I have in territory, my game crashes.
Raised many tickets, but support was absolutely unwilling to help or offer any compensation!!! They kept maintaining that the team was looking into it…


For the record, my post was in regards to the contested state bug, where it would sometimes be skipped. Not sure that fix would have any affect on the issue you’re describing, @BlackMamba. Is that issue still occurring? If so, please PM me your account code.


So I apologize for my previous response as that was meant related to this territories issue:

It looks like it’ll be longer before this issue is fixed, though it is known what’s causing it, there’s more work involved in changing the system that’s causing the problems.