Territories bugged again


So it seems some of the Territories problems of the past have resurfaced.

Some Territories are skipping the contested state and being awarded to factions who weren’t even attacking at the time.

Others are so bugged that i see factions abandoning a territory under attack and it going to walkers where they just win it straight back.

Sort it out Scopley.


Yep, also seeing this on Terrell region, we also have many people complaining that territories messages is causing their game to crash during raids


Complain more why don’t you


I have lost two battles with timeouts within seconds of loading the battle today.


We had a territory we were after and stacking, then once we knocked the other teams out of the contested state, and it was put under our control it kicked all of our teams out, reverting to walkers.


enjoy losing areas and fuel in shit SMH!


Game restarts whenever one of my teams is kicked from territories. So much fun during war and SR tournaments, thanks Scopely!


Well I got a free refill from support for complaining.

But fuck. there is a massive exploit allowing certain factions on our region (yes, I’m looking at you Wolf Pack) to exploit their way to holding territories

And not a single word about taking it to the team…