Territories bug

After a couple of hours to def it, our territory lost with all our defence still living and ok.

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Same here. We had 60k in it and now with an hour left we are locked out while the factions contest it.

You’re not alone. TT’s are bugged to Hell and back. We had 40k and I replaced 2 of my teams to a message that it was being contested despite about 8 or 9 of us refreshing teams, lol.

Scopely, please sort your shit out. I remember reading somewhere about a rumour of the TT code creator isn’t with you anymore. Hire someone to learn it and fix the bugs that everyone has been asking for, for years.

Same issue with us and this was the 2nd time this event. At first, the territory got reset when we had killed around 6K walkers and then now when we had around 70K def and many of us refreshing then our teams got kicked and the territory became contested. Seriously, if they can’t run something properly then just remove it.

And now this lol

Territories have been buggy & glitchy since the day 1 release of them.
And still we ask repeatedly for them to be fixed to no avail.

It’s a con. Pure and simple.

“What? The territory got walkered? Well, spend some money and buy some territory refills - we have a sale on them right now! $49.99 and your left kidney for a chance to get 1, 2, or 10 refills! But, don’t worry! We rigged it so 99.99% of you who are dumb enough to pay for this offer will only get 1 refill! And if you buy this offer 10 times, you’ll double your odds of getting 10 refills - which comes out to 0.02%! Keep surviving!”

OMG ghosts team. The ultimate defense team . Probably next promo.

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