Territories being sent to walkers


With the new leagues feature, it seems like way too many territories are going to walkers. Is there any way in the next update we could be able to clear more walkers in a single turn or let us get points for clearing walkers. I used all 10 of my hits on a territory and still didnt clear all the walkers. No one wants to clear them because they dont get league points. I love the new leagues feature, it is just making a mess of the territories map.


Ours looks like a winter wonderland with all the white


I honestly dont mind clearing walkers, it doesnt make any difference to me. But… i know others wont because they dont get any league points. I hope in the next update they fix that issue. I know most regions look like this, or worse.


Peor que este no creo que haya


Wow!!! That is insane!!! @JB.Scopely any news on if this will be fixed in the next update?


Unless they offer league points for clearing territories it will not be fixed and the moment your shield going down the whole region will attack you without applying any defense themselves.


I’ve seen the map worse than this


Except weapon territories they all suck anyways


It is absolutely insane we have one faction that refuses to let territories alone insist they’re going to make walkers as a retaliatory measure because somebody attacked them. Between that and the trophies our region is screwed four territories. I sure hope scopely comes up with a fix soon it’s ruining the game or at least this part of it for a lot of people.


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