Territories "armory faction" monopolized by "alliance" factions

Some players in our fabulous region have created an “alliance” of factions controlling territories. A player in the “alliance” leaves their faction then joins an “armory faction” designated to craft weapons with both critical chance and success rate in monopolized “alliance” controlled territories, begins crafting weapon then rejoins previous faction. The “armory faction” designated in our region is controlled by the rank 1 faction and not a neutral faction. Any players in our region whom are not in the “alliance” are not permitted to craft weapons using critical chance and success rate territories nor permitted to capture said territories. Abuse of game mechanics

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@Pepperoncini. No one can stop any faction from trying to take it over. I understand what you are saying, it happens on my server but it occasionally changes hands with a coordinated attack.

Boo hoo, players better than you made a smart decision and youre mad at them for it? Get over it.

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Just attack it! The defenses cant be that great that are there. Get a handful of people and take it over. Shouldnt be too hard.

If your talking about Lanier that is absolutely not true. It will be open. We are just setting it up. We have been inviting people to get information.

And it will have a rep from each of the top 8-10 factions.

Can’t beat em, join em, I guess. shrugs


We’ve made this work in my region and all are welcome to drop in and out to use the criticals.

We tried a crafting faction but couldn’t make that work so now rotate the criticals between the top 3 or 4 factions who are the only ones capable of taking them anyways

An agreement between the 4 not to shaft each other and to drop in and out as required has worked really well.

I’m on 12/15 critical successes since we started it

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This is what we did in the Bryan region. Its been working great!

A new faction has been created called
"Crafters United"

This faction will hold and control all the territories of Washington’s respite on a simi permanent basis

Active factions have agreed not to attack or attempt to take the 5 territories held by Crafters United.

It is open & anyone can join- ANYONE!( minimum player level of 15 required)

It will have leaders.
These are the only permanent positions.
These positions will be filled by members of multiple factions who are simi retiring from active play or have secondary accounts that are stagnant

This faction will not participate in any faction events, it’s only purpose is to hold these territories.

A limit of 20 minutes will be placed on everybody and it’s up to the individual to honor that. Come in start your craft or collect your craft or disassemble your weapons and get out! No camping!
**** While in Crafters United do not attack other territories. This causes confusion and disarray.****

Crafters United will be closed an hour before faction events and non-permanent members will be booted 5 minutes after the faction closes. ( everybody will get a warning first) this is to prevent people from being locked into the faction during faction tournaments, as well as giving them ample time to get to their home factions.

Crafters United will reopen once rewards for faction events have been awarded.

    (or any time factions are locked)

Once the tournament goes live the territories are open for attack. First come first serve. NOT BEFORE!

After the tournament ends active factions will abandon the crafting territories and Crafters United will take them back. Once rewards have been issued Crafters United will become open again ( it gets closed an hour before any faction event starts)

** One thing that has come up is Rogue factions/individuals attacking the crafting territories… for the time being until we get them on board, if the top 10 factions could contribute one player each in between faction tournaments it would big help

This helps in two ways
Since the defense teams are coming from the top 10 factions they’re usually the strongest in the region & these lower factions can’t get through

Also the smaller factions are less likely to attack if a territory has more than 20k stamina

Bryan Factions on board for Crafters United

Butt Stallion
Canadian cannibals
Uruk Hai
the Kingdom
dead of night
teen titans
saviors(not the s@viors)
Walker bait
Shoot em up
Cemetery Gates
Snow dogs
s@viors (not the saviors)

24 confirmed


That’s exactly how I wanted to make things work in Marion but to much previous drama and bs scuppered that plan.

A crafting faction may well come around again but for now we will continue to pass the territories between us and let people drop in and out as required.

How are things working out in Bryan?

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in BIBB are the same too!! we call BIBB’S armory :wink:

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Its going great in bryan…though at first it was like herding cats

Mmmmm the weapons depot is neutral faction to help lower level players create weapons. In most regions it’s here to help lower level what are u?

I get you there entirely. The herding cats analogy is the best way to describe my experience as well.

Working well now we have it running but took a lot of hard work and patience to get there

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Haha…it got better though & now things run pretty smoothly

Some trash factions in Carroll region tried to start this up but failed miserably.

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if people are moving in and out of the faction in order to craft can you not organise a group to take it over when there are less people in the faction holding it? surely if people are moving in and out they cant always have that much defence in it.

The only people that attack it are small factions that don’t understand what’s going on. Its open to every one …not many people attack it because 24+ factions have agreed not to. Very rarely one territory will get taken…in which case the faction has an army of factions that will help take it back after sheild goes down…why fight for something you can get for free?

It failed on my region in the first 3 hours.

We can barely get 4 active factions actually queuing up for war. The factions 4-12 have a really hard time getting rid of obvious leeches and they end up sandbagging themselves

We done this in Albert region also and it’s working out great. The biggest challenge is for people to understand that it is an open faction so you can go and craft as much as you want. I think some people are afraid of leaving their factions. With region wars becoming a thing it will help out the region alot.

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