Territories are killing this game

The crashing is so bad i stopped putting teams in just so the notifications stop popping up and crashing my game while I’m in a raid or survival road. Ignoring territories doesnt even help because when we lose a territory it crashes anyway. I cant count the amount of raid/survival road/ world energy I lost because of the crashing. They dont know how to fix or dont care to fix it, its trash, end it. /rant


I only open territories once a day at this point when I’m not doing anything else just to collect all the junk in the crates and take a territory or 2.

It does crash a lot on Territories.
Needs sorting.

Why ya’ll blaming scopely when your phones are shit. lollol

Territories aren’t killing the game… An overvalued prize structure (tokens), repetitive and boring events (endless level ups…) And a shortage of useful gear for 6* are killing the game.

I’ve got an iPhone 8 and territories have been crashing frequently in this latest update, feels like it’ll be an eternity before they’re fixed.

Release 5* ascendables and it’ll actually give me motivation to do more than 100k this weekend, the milestones again are the only thing remotely worth going for.

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I’m on an iPhone SE and it crashes a lot.

My only gripe with Territories is how much of a fuck some of my faction mates give about it.


My bad then. I work in a game company similar to scopely and the reason why even new phones are crashing is with the games new updates. Also, because their developer team doesn’t know shit on how to fix the game and just slaps people with “We are looking in to it” kinda stuff. just my 2 cents though.

Territories are made worse by factions deliberately abusing exploits. Most times we try and take the crits one of the areas ends up going to the walkers and we lose out because the faction holding them pulls teams last minute. This has been the case for months, please fix it ASAP @kalishane

They take them straight back after…

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